Just diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in my jaw

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Hi guys,

After months of pain and confusion, with multiple tests and biopsies, I was diagnosed a two weeks ago with Osteosarcoma of the Jaw. All I know so far is that it is high grade. I had the scans last week to check for spread and size of it, but my treatment plan is being discussed in Birmingham (I am in South Wales). I hopefully find out tomorrow what is happening.

The doctor has said surgery to remove my jaw and chemo, but we don’t know what order to do those things in. I am 37, single parent of 4 amazing kids.

just looking for a bit of support!

Thanks so much Heart

  • Hi

    My cancer is different to yours and we all have different journeys.  I had breast cancer last year and now secondary breast cancer in my spine.

    Just wanted to say hi and that there is lots of support on here in the different forums.  There doesn’t seem to be much activity on this particular one though.

  • Hello I am new to this forum. My name is Shelly, and have just moved to Mid wales from the Midlands. Your post stood out as to me straight away!!! I was also diagnosed with osteosarcoma to the lower jaw and underwent surgery at Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham in 2019. You may have the same consultant as myself? I had Chemotherapy first and then surgery. They removed  bone from my leg to reconstruct the lower jaw. 
    please any questions add on here. Would also be happy to provide my number 

  • Hi ladies. Do either of you have any updates? May I ask your initial symptoms please? X

  • Hi, I had surgery in 2019.. following being diagnosed with osteosarcoma to the lower jaw.. they used bone from my leg to rebuild the jaw.. 

    The only symptom I had was a lump to the lower jaw, underneath my tongue, which was not painful. xx 

  • So have you been cancer free since 2019? 

    may I ask how long you had the lump for before  getting it checked out? And how big it was roughly? 

    I’ve got a lump on my lower outer jaw at the moment and have referred for urgent X-ray under the sarcoma 2 week wait x

  • Hi yes I’ve been cancer free since 2019. 
    I felt the lump over a few months underneath my tongue, on the lower jaw.. one day I pulled my bottom lip down and saw a large lump on the gum line. The o my way they can diagnose sarcoma is by doing a biopsy. I had X rays and a CT scan and it only showed ‘a shadow’ they can’t tell what it is without removing a small segment. 
    which hospital are you been seen at?