Secondary bone cancer in spine

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Hi, I am four years down the line following a simple lumpectomy for breast cancer, one lymph removed,  (all clear,) 3 weeks radiotherapy and 5 years anastrozole.  The last few months I have been having pains in my shoulders and most recently down one leg. ( The worst thing is the numbness in my right buttock)

Initially my diagnosis was one of vitamin D deficiency.  However,  I was referred to a physio who arranged for a MRI scan. ( I already have previous diagnosis of spinal stenosis so thought this was a flare up) . The MRI showed metastases in my lumbar area and a possible small pathological fracture in my cervical spine. Shock/ horror. I am due to see the oncologist in two days time and await the outcome of further investigations. Wanted to get registered on this site to hopefully find out other peoples experiences. 

  • Hi Nanny apple. I am so sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with metastatic cancer in the lumbar area, following your initial breast cancer.  I can imagine what a shock that must of been for you, and a fracture in the cervical spine sounds very painful as well. 

    I have noticed that the bone cancer forum is a little quiet at the moment, so I am sorry you have not had areply to your post yet. I wonder if you might also want to join the secondary breast cancer forum as well, for some added support. 

    Good luck at the oncoligst appointment. 

    Take care


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  • Hi Chelle,

    Thank you so much for your message. It is quiet on here but let's hope it is because everyone is well! I will do as you suggest and join the secondary breast cancer site. 

    I saw the oncologist today who was very kind and has put a semi plan in place pending further investigations as to extent of disease. I've had blood tests today for tumour markers and a CT scan . Follow up appt next Wednesday for results.  To commence dexamethasone which will hopefully help with the pain in my shoulder and hip. 

    Thank you again for your advise.