Recovery after TURBT

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Hi all!

I'm new here! Just wondered what others experiences were after their TURBT? I had mine on the 29th May to take out fairly newly developed tumours. I came out the same say with no catheter etc. It has been painful and a rollercoaster. But I felt it was going in the right direction.

A few days ago the water cleared up of blood...but it has now become really painful trying to urinate. Really like razor sharp from beginning to end. I don't understand it. I thought infection? There's no other signs but that pain and burning? Any thoughts?

Thanks x

  • That should say 'same day'...ha.

  • Hi Julia194

    Welcome to our friendly and supportive group. I'm so sorry that you are suffering after your TURBT, unfortunately pain and burning are common after this procedure. Your urethra will have suffered quite some trauma from the instruments used during your surgery. Drinking lots of water or Robinsons Barley Water really does help,as do painkillers and a hot water bottle. But it may be worth asking your GP to check your urine for an infection just in case you require antibiotics. 

    I'm glad that you found this forum. I'm sure lots of others on here will be along to share their experiences of TURBTs and Bladder cancer.

    Sending you love and hugs as you go through this journey.

    Ade xx

  • Inflammation of the uretha is the cause of this discomfort it’s usually a one way street and not used to to having medical implements inserted in the wrong direction I’m just over two weeks out from a 2nd TURBT and has just settled down this past few days plenty of water and a paracetamol when required will help 

  • Hi Ade, arh thanks so much for that! And your kind words. That's so very helpful. I will def get some Robinsons! And get the GP to check. X

  • Hi thanks for that! Yep - makes total sense. Hope you are feeling better too. X

  • P s. I read your profile - you have had such a rollercoaster ride too. Love and hugs back. Xx

  • Hi Julia194,Welcome to the group.I’m sorry you are having some pain.Infections are common following TURBTS so it’s worth getting your urine tested.I hope you feel better soon.Love Jane x

  • Thanks Jane! Thanks for your message and the lovely welcome -I definitely will do that! Lv J x

  • Hi Julia194, just be sure it is the Robinson's Lemon Barley Water you get, not the 'fruit'n' kind. The higher barley content is helpful.

  • Hi Denby! Yes I have got some now! Thanks x