New transitional cell carcinoma

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Hello all. I’m a senior ENT surgeon in the UK, age 60 years generally fit and well. Had unexpected haematuria and a kind colleague did CT scan on me today. 2cm TCC bladder with no invasion on the scan. I’m having TURB tomorrow. I haven’t had a chance to discuss with the surgeon regarding further therapy but he did mention mitomycin single shot. I’m as ignorant in this field as anyone and would value any personal recommendations from experience. How long is recovery from this procedure as my managers would want me back ASAP due to very long ENT waiting lists!! Many thanks.

  • Hello  and welcome to the group although sorry to hear you may have bladder cancer. a TURBT procedure is fairly straightforward procedure in the great scheme of things. Usually done in day surgery but prepare for an overnight in case you go down late. Following the procedure they usually administer Mitomycin in to the bladder in order to mop up any rogue cells. Recovery can take a few days but most people do not have any lingering problems except sting for a few days when having a pee. It is recommend a week off work at least and important not do do anything strenuous for a few more weeks, but it depends on how severe they cut. It takes some people longer than others to get back to normal. The offending cells will be scraped away and biopsies sent off for analysis. It usually takes about 2 weeks for results which will then determine the next step. I hope all goes well. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Hi Hopeful786, welcome to this lovely group of supportive people. The very best of luck tomorrow. I can concur with Rily having had a single shot of mitomycin at my first turbt. The mitomycin was retained for 2 hours and then released by nursing staff ( I had a spinal anaesthetic due to long covid , so had a catheter in till spinal wore off ) I stayed in over night on my first due to late surgery. 
    my heart goes out to you, having the pressure to continue your incredibly important work, and having the shock of this tumour. Please be kind to yourself and put you first, non of this is easy. You are among friends here, stay in touch

    Much love Angela x

  • I needed all of a week after the TURBT to recover from just the procedure. Although no incisions, the procedure is very invasive and time is needed for healing. Expect significant fatigue afterward and disruption in the urinary system. I also was 60 years of age when first diagnosed last year.

  • Welcome to the group Hopeful786, and power to your elbow for the work you do too.

    A good idea to get in a bottle or two of Robinson's Lemon Barley Water, a recommendation from my GP about 45 years ago. Many people find drinking plenty of this, properly diluted, helps with flushing through any post -TURBT debris, and it has some degree of antibacterial property  I believe due to the barley content. Easier to get down than plain water too.

    Hope it goes well, Denby

  • Thanks so much for your kind words and advice.

  • Thanks so much for your kind words. I’ll update the group of my progress.

  • Many thanks for your advice and hope you’re doing well. 

  • Many thanks for your kind words and advice.

  • Hi Hopeful786,Welcome to the group.My best wishes for your TURBT tomorrow..Jane