Bladder spasms, trapped wind or something else?

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Hi All,

I had a TURBT procedure 1 week ago today. When I woke up from the anaesthetic I had the worst pain in my left side from my ribs (don’t and back),beside my bellybutton and around the bladder area. It lasted hours and slowly reduced making the pain manageable since. I put this down to the procedure and/or trapped wind. (The hospital staff didn’t seem concerned - they gave me paracetamol.)

Thing is, one week on and it has all of a sudden returned today out of nowhere. It’s more localised to the bladder area than before and feels like contractions that don’t go away, just get better then worse - in waves. The pain is intense and makes me feel nauseous. 

Has anyone else had this feeling before? Could it be the scab coming away? Could it be trapped wind? Could it be bladder spasms? If so, what did you do to relieve the pain?

Im drinking plenty but right now it’s hard to drink more as my bladder feels like it’s full (it’s not). 

I’d really appreciate some positive vibes right now Pray 

  • *front and back - not don’t and back See no evil

  • I had something similar last Thursday a few hours after a routine catheter change. To ease the pain, the following sometimes help: If you think it may be trapped wind, gentle circular massaging in the region of your lower intestines for 5 minutes may result in internal gurgling. Don't press too hard though - it can be very painful. A warm hot water bottle or lying on an electric blanket can help if it's knotted muscles or spasms. Try to relax the areas using self hypnosis if it works with you. 

    Mine was fixed by Same Day Emergency Care after I drove in. They deflated the catheter retention balloon, pushed the catheter further in, re-inflated the balloon and Oh, the wonderful relief!!  

    I hope you can soon find similarly effective relief. 

    Edit: I should have stressed: Don't massage your bladder area as your TURBT will need a few more weeks to recover fully.

    Best wishes, Ray

  • Thanks Ray! I haven’t got a catheter so it can’t be that. Is so uncomfortable. I’m glad you got that feeling of relief! That must have been horrid for you. 

  • Hi Kittybones

    So sorry you are feeling poorly.  Did the ward give you open access after your TURBT ? Could you give them a call to explain how painful it is? If not could you get in touch with your GP to do a urine test. Maybe you have a UTI, they are quite common after TURBT.

    Hope you get some answers and feel better soon. 

    Love Ade xx

  • Hi Ade,

    My discharge notes say to call the ward if there were any medication issues but I wasn’t prescribed anything. Alternatively it says to call 111. 

    I have pain when I wee. More pain now than I did straight after the op a week ago! Maybe I’m passing the scab? 

    I’ve sent my GP a message via Anima. I doubt I’ll hear back anytime soon though! 

    Oh the joys eh! At least the sun is shining Grinning

  • Are you passing urine, properly? 


  • Are you passing urine properly?


    1. Are you passing urine properly?


  • Yes - other than pain, alls passing fine. I’m drinking plenty too x

  • How bid was the wound site in the bladder