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Evening All 

just wanted to share with you all a experience I had today so was up really early today went out for breakfast with my Wife had a couple of hours getting my tasks I’m responsible for in the garden done by mid afternoon was at abit of a loose end so I decided to walk up to my local for a couple of shandies and I honestly did have shandy afternoon drinking doesn’t really agree with me anymore caught up with few pals who ive not seen for a while and obviously the conversation turned to where you been hiding and heard whispers you was unwell and so on but one of the lads Brett went really into a deep chat with me opened up about how when he was a teenager he was treated for Cancer and also even told me about how his father in law has just come through BC and how he used to take him to his surveillance appointments it just goes to show there is people we know in our everyday lives who have been touched by the disease they may only be a hello how are you sort of friend but when conversations are turned toward a certain topic there is always someone with a story to share with you and be a listening ear 

  • Hi Well1979,

    Thanks for your post and you're not wrong.

    Since being diagnosed I've heard many stories from friends and work colleagues about their experiences. I did not know that my close friends dad had bladder cancer also (about 30 odd years ago), both he and his dad kept it quiet. His dad is still alive and doing well. 

    Pretty much everyone I've spoken to have been affected by cancer within the family or personally and they do open up when they know you're in the same boat for sure.

    It really is good to talk and I've been very open about my diagnosis, possibly to open sometimes.

    On a side note, it's great you went to your local for a pint. I love a local pub, although I have issues going sometimes but when I get there I love the atmosphere etc. I also went for a pint today with the wife.

    Thanks again for the post.

    Kindest regards 


  • And thank you for your reply Trevor 

  • Just want to add as well cancer has been in my life since I was 14 when my father was diagnosed with throat cancer which he beat twice and then unfortunately he had cancer of the Kidney Renal cortex but unfortunately when it was found he was already stage 4 I’ve found the group really supportive and read most of your journeys