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Hi everyone. 
thank you for everyone on here who posts. It’s so informative to read. I am 39 years old and have recently been diagnosed with bladder cancer. No one seems to know why I have it at this age. At every appointment everyone tells me how young I am which at first was a nice ego boost but now seems to be raising  questions in my mind. I recently had a TURBT and have my follow up histology/consultant appointment next week.
I wanted to know if there was anyone around my age range who has this. Perhaps we could chat? I Love chatting to people from any age group but I am interested to see if there are many other people in their 30s or 40s with this type of cancer? 
Is there anyone who was first diagnosed this at a younger age? I am worried I will have a lifetime of reoccurrences? Is my life expectancy shorter now? 
My husband and I have just cancelled our trip to New York for my 40th next year and we can no longer buy the house we had offered on as I am not mortgageable now. So feeling a bit low. However, I know that I am lucky to have good healthcare and for this to have been caught early, hopefully. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated now. Thanks Blush 

  • Hi Lili39, can't help as regards younger people as my OH is easily old enough to be your dad. But just wanted to say welcome to this friendly and supportive group. Bummer about the house and holiday. I would ask your consultant's opinion of the mortgage refusal. My husband has had hard to control epilepsy since age 7 and we did manage to get a mortgage and subsequently when needed a bridging loan. His consultant offered to write to any financial institution that was awkward when he heard we were getting married -that was 44 years ago though!

    best wishes, 


  • Hi Denby. Thank for the reply. Feels nice just to speak to other people. I haven’t told many people yet. Figured I’d wait til I have my results next week. I will ask my consultant about the letter and maybe my mortgage advisor too, hadn’t thought of that. But then perhaps it would be bad timing to move during treatment anyway as it was moving 180 miles away. I am optimistic that one day I will look back and the house and holiday will just be a nuisance and a distant memory Blush

  • Hi Lili39,Welcome to this friendly group.I hope you find it helpful.Best wishes Jane 

  • Thank for the welcome Jane. 

  • Morning. Sorry to hear this. It’s a lovely community on here. Also try Fight Bladder Cancer on Facebook. There are sadly younger (pre-40 year old)  patients on there. I would not cancel anything until you have your results and treatment plan, and even then it’s nice to have something to look forward to. Also, I believe it’s discriminatory to have a Mortgage offer pulled with a cancer diagnosis. Maybe get some advice on that?  This is obviously a big shock so you may feel life has to be put on hold, but once you have a full diagnosis and a plan you can move forward xxx

  • Hello thesunalwaysshine

    Thanks for the tips. The mortgage thing was because of the life insurance that had to go with it. And cos of the timing of the diagnosis we now won’t be able to move in time for the school year etc. so maybe it just has to wait a little I guess. I might still get some advice so we are prepared for when we do look to move tho. You are right. It does feel like life has to pause for a bit. At the least til next week. If I join that Facebook group. Can my other friends on fb see that I have joined it do you know? Blush 

  • Hi and a welcome from me too. As you know, bladder cancer was once regarded as an older person's disease, especially in men. Over the last few years we have seen more younger people being diagnosed. Our younger members tend to leave the group when their treatment is over. They don't stick around and move on with their lives. Unless diagnosed at a very late stage, bladder cancer is not known to lessen life expectancy. As regards a mortgage, can I suggest you call the free Macmillan helpline on 0808 808 0000 (8-8 pm). They have experts on hand who will be able to advise. The results of your biopsies will determine the next step and when you get your results and have an idea of the full picture, it tends to help when talking to friends and family. I hope all goes well. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • No, it is a closed group. Your posts won’t show on your regular FB timeline. 

  • And they won’t be able to tell that you’ve joined. 

  • Hi Lili 39,

    I am considerably older than you, so may not be comparable -- but- I was diagnosed at 67, surgery in 2014 and stoma pouch since then -- it sounds, maybe awful, but it is a lot better than the alternative and I still lead an fairly active life, albeit slightly retsricted by needing to be near toilets.

    At the risk of sounding corny --- "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, -- it's about learning to dance in the rain !!

    Best wishes