Impotance & Orgasm

So, Im nearly 2 months after my Radical Cysectomy (with wide margins) & still in recovery. I was warned beforehand that it would make me impotant.

I have notice twice & with help from my wife, that although I can only manage the slightest errection, I have seemingly had one orgasm & nearly a second. Both times were qute frightening for me. I have next to no feeling in my glans & the time I had an orgasm, I did not ejaculate. The time I "nearly" had an orgasm, I was to scared to "let it go". I am worried about damaging something somewhere.

Has anyone else had this experience & what happens if you do orgasm?

  • Hi Coojee. I had RT rather than RC, so not in the best position to answer, but just giving your post a bump and hopefully someone with more experience can answer. I do know that in my case, it took many months for things to start working again after the trauma of all the treatment. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • I was told "If you don't want to lose it -- use it!" Try getting referref to a specialist urology clinical nurse who may be able to help with the various methods of getting an adequate erection - there are several options - no need to suffer in silence !

  • I'm so glad to read your post x


  • I will endorse xbargee's comment, at our hospital it is a sub dept of Urology called Andrology where an incredibly calm professional chap explained various options and booked an appointment later at the same clinic with a vacuum pump company technician who demonstrated that the pump could produce the desired effect and issued a complete pump kit. Thankfully in our case [not involving RC] we've been able to have sufficiently satisfying fun [climax] without the pump eventually. So do ask for an Andrology referral if that is the system where you are.


  • Thankyou Denby x