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Hi all,

I am four doses in to my second induction course of six doses and still a bit unclear on the time you should be keeping it in the bladder for and whether or not you should be doing the 15 minute turning (front, back and sides).

My consultant says keep it in for an hour, 15 minutes on front, back and either side and then I can go home once I've been to the loo but I have seen that this appears to be different to most guidance out there of two hours to keep it the bladder.

Can I ask what the general consensus is as I have tried to keep it in for two hours, figuring that the longer it is then the more good it is doing, but do find it a struggle to last that long?

Background is that I was diagnosed G3 pTa in June 2022, 5 TURBTs and 15 doses of BCG later it came back and was G3 pT1. The recommendation was to have an RC but my consultant agreed to recommencing BCG, as it was 9 months since my last dose, as a final try at bladder preservation but with the proviso that if my cystoscopy with biopsies scheduled for late August shows any cancer then we go to an RC.



  • Hi Andy, sorry to hear you're cancer had come back. I'm on my 4th dose of an induction course and I asked my nurse for clarity on how to proceed after each treatment and she said if you're able to, then keep moving about should be enough to coat the bladder. If for any reason you can't move about then lie down and keep changing positions. I don't have any problems at the moment to hold it in my bladder for 2 hours, hope it continues, but my nurse said even an hour would be OK. Good luck with the rest of your treatment  hope it goes well,  Anne

  • Thanks AMX, I'm having mine on Thursdays as well. Hope it continues to go well for you too

  • Hiya Andy, 

    My oncology nurses want me to "rotate" every 15 mins like you. My consultant mentioned this and said he wasn't sure if this made any difference.

    I also struggle to keep it in for two hours sometimes. 50/50 I'd say. Again I mentioned this to my consultant and he said an hour probably works, but I do try to keep it in. But it does get painful 

    I start my 13th instillation on 17th July after a six month break, so I'm hoping that I can hold it a bit longer next time.

    Best of luck.


  • Andy I don’t think all the rotating stuff is still in the guidance. My specialist nurse said an hour would be ok. I will try for 2 but won’t die in a ditch if it’s an hour.

  • Cheer's Leo, 

    That's good to know (rotating) I have to stay in the hospital for the two Hours and then drive home.

    I would much prefer to leave as soon as installed... I might ask if that's an option.

  • They just put it in, and send you off where I am. 

  • Thanks Trevor, I've only got two more to go this time so want to try and do all I can to help it work as much as possible. It's the drive back home I find a struggle as there are a lot of pot holes on the way back and it does nothing to help with the discomfort. Best of luck to you too.

  • Thanks Leo, that is my approach too although if I could keep it in for the two hours I would be quite proud of myself!!

  • Darned pot holes. Speed bumps. Slow agricultural vehicles. I have been known to pup into the hedge. 

  • Very true, I do know every layby from Swindon to Devizes when the pressure gets too much!!