3 weeks on from TURBT

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  1. Afternoon Everyone 

So not had much to say this past few weeks after my last procedure so this is where I’m upto had a TURBT again 23rd of May and was supposed to be having a ureterscopy at the same time but that got cancelled last minute when my consultant stuck his head the room as I was being put under and said we don’t need to do that your last scan was normal 

I was discharged and on my my paperwork no TCC seen normal CT scan samples taken and MDT booked so should hear something next week on the MDT seems to take that long did last time

since received a lettter about my CT scan stating no defects seen no mass or lesions seen and they had noticed a simple small Cyst in Right Kidney which is not problematic their words and been on my NHS app since and I’m no longer on any waiting lists don’t know what that means bladder installations have been mentioned but not guaranteed as they may also decide to go the surveillance route also so just still in limbo really but coping back at work and just getting on with things 


  •  . Hi Ste. It does sound positive in the great scheme of things. Still, it must be slightly worrying being in the limbo of waiting for the next meeting to find out the plan going forward. I hope it all works out well. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Hi Rily I’m quite pleased with where I am upto just be nice to know what the plan is surveillance/installations the consultant did say it could go either way for me which is fine just be glad when I know want to take the wife for a little break away but can’t plan anything at the moment really but Im sure I’ll get there 

  • Hi Ste, 

    that all sounds good. Hope you get news soon.


  • Hi Nigel I’ve learnt early on not to take anything for granted till they are sat in front of you and face to face and hear it with my own ears the what ifs are always there and I’m sure that’s the case for everyone pal