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So as i mentioned i had a 2nd TURBT Thursday and all went well in the end and feeling more like myself today anyway you’ll all have a little giggle at this I when i was getting dressed to go home I  noticed that they had either waxed or shaved my right thigh completely anyone else had this happen ? Its shorts weather and I’ve got one bald leg and one hairy it’s well noticeable as well JoyJoy


  • Hi  . It does sound unusual. Never heard of this before. Sometimes we need to use a bit of humour after the indignities we go through. Whenever I go for a cystoscopy I get the hedge trimmers out and have a bit of a tidy up down there. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Nurse said something about me having a monitor on my leg or something like that anyway just found it strange Rily I like my shorts and wear them a lot not bothered if people laugh anyway ha ha they’ve done a great job of it the wife was jealous