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Hi, I've had a trans urethral resection of the  bladder about 8 weeks ago and last week  I was diagnosed with a high grade T1 bladder cancer. I've also had a trans urethral re resection of the  bladder last week and I'm waiting for the second lot of results. My consultant mentioned two treatment paths to follow, one being bcg and the other being a primary cystoscopy (removal of the bladder). I'm in such a dilemma as to which path to follow. Has anyone else been in this position and can offer any insight on how they came to their decision on how to proceed

  • Hi  and welcome to the group. Always a difficult decision when you have a choice of treatments. Both treatments can have successful outcomes. When you get your latest results it may give you a better idea of which way to go. I had a different treatment so no experience of either but we have members here with experiences of each and I am sure will be along to help. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • This is a common dilemma and no right answer - you need to weigh up the pros & cons alongside your personal circumstances. I was offered the same choice and spent sometime looking at what was involved, likely time off work, statistics re cure and so on. In the end I chose surgery for various reasons, but including having best chance of cure and getting it over and done with, to get on with my life. Also I wanted to avoid any risk of needing chemo if BCG didn't work.

    Both options have pros & cons, risks and benefits. For men, there is the possibility of erectile dysfunction post op, which may be a more significant factor re sex life than for females. 

    Many people do feel they want to give BCG a chance, and you will hear from people who have (so far) been successful with it, or an alternative treatment. You do need to be aware of the risk that a recurrence could be invasive which means having chemo. In some cases the cancer can advance to being incurable. Sadly, those people are not here to tell their story. 

    Happy to answer any questions about surgery as best I can. Best wishes making your decision.

  • Thank you so much for your reply Teasswill, I will have a look at the link you sent and weigh up the pros and cons. You have been very helpful. If I decide to follow the surgery route, I hope I can call on you again to answer any questions

  • Thank you for your reply rily, this is an amazing site and it's a comfort to know that there are people willing to help on your journey

  • Hi AMX,Welcome to the group.I am happy to help as well if you go for bladder removal.I have a urostomy.Jane x

  • Thank you Jane. Can I ask how long ago you had your urostomy and did you have any problems with it 

  • Hi AMX,

    My diagnosis is the same as yours G3pT1. Found in February this year. My second TURBT showed that the cancer was non muscle invasive and I was given the same treatment options as you BCG or Radical cystectomy. After long discussions with my surgeon I have opted for BCG. He said if I were his family member he would recommend BCG. They start on Monday 27th May. I was concerned that the cancer may grow very quickly between cystoscopy checks which are scheduled for every 3 months or so, but I was assured that this type of cancer grows slowly at the rate of about 1cm per year so it will be caught at one of the numerous checks if it does return. Also Urine samples are taken to look for cancer cells too. I don't want to have to lose my bladder yet as it is still working well and I'm hoping that BCG works for me. If it fails then I will have the option of a cystectomy as long as I'm fit enough. 

    It is such a difficult decision to make and it is a personal decision. Other people on the forum have had cystectomy and it has worked well for them. Ask lots of questions of your medical team and give yourself time to process all of the information.

    Stay in touch on the forum and best wishes to you.

    Ade x

    • Thank you Ade, I am so pleased I found this site. There's a lot of helpful Info available. Good luck on your journey and hope all goes well for you,

    Anne x

  • Hi Anne, thank you x

    I have found this site to be a God send. So much support and information from the lovely people on here. This BC journey is such an emotional ride but the good people on here always have great advice and to just be there for you.

    If you click on my name it will take you to my profile. More information of me and my BC journey on there.

    Love Ade xx