BCG bad reaction

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Hi I'm new to this forum and was wondering if anyone else has had a bad reaction to the bcg treatment.

  • Hi Coleric, welcome to the forum. I am sorry to hear you had a bad reaction to BCG. Can you say what kind of reaction? What happened ?There are many of us on here at the moment having BCG , with varying reactions or side effects. I have had 6 and am doing ok on it. I am sure others  will be along soon with their experiences. This is a wonderful group forum , where there is lots of help and support to hold you steady through this journey. Take care

    much love Angela 

    Much love Angela x

  • Hi Coleric,Welcome to the group.I think you will find it helpful and supportive.I’m sorry you had a bad reaction to the bcg.There are several people here who have experience of this treatment and can help.I’m not much use as only had surgery.Love Jane x

  • Hi Coleric. There are many of us here that are going through BCG treatment, and the reactions vary for each instillation for each of us. Depends what reaction you are taking about (there are a few), byt for me:

    1-4 Mild fever

    5  Knocked me out with sweats and chills for several days

    6 No reaction

    7 Jelly like (heavy fraction) on going to loo - was told this was the epithelium sloughing off

    8 No reaction

    9 No reaction

    With all, the frequent visits to the loo after the 2 hours for ~ 1 day is tiring, but it seems to be doing its job.

    Wishing you well.

  • Hi Tortoise  It was long term effects that I was really wanting to know about. I'm clear of cancer but am one of the few who has problems with bcg after 3 years. 

  • Thanks winkers60 hopefully I'll get some info from one of those who have had problems.

  • Thanks Angela. BCG has proved to be a very effective weapon against the cancer coming back. Im one of the very rare cases whose had long term problems.

  • Hello Coleric. 
    I was diagnosed a year ago and have now completed the 3, 1st. Maintenance Course of therapy. I'm going through a lot of pain inc. dysuria at present. 
    Is it possible to know the problems you are encountering and have they been continuing for the last 3 years? 
    would be nice to know so I can brace myself for the coming future. 

  • It would be most helpful if you could describe the type of problem that you are having so others may feed back. You have not really provided enough information yet Slight smile

  • Yes I did but probably not the BCG treatment entirely. Had 12 treatments then after the 12th developed UTI sepsis and was rushed into hospital.