Effects of COVID vaccine after initial 6 doses of BCG instillation

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Hi All,

I have had 7 COVID Boosters in the past without any issues. The 8th on Monday was different. The Fatigue levels were similar for 2 days to what I experienced from BCG 3,4,5,6 and for three weeks thereafter. Today I am returning to a more normal situation. 


  • Might be a different vaccine. I've reacted to all of my COVID jabs to varying degrees. Last time nurse advised drink plenty, and take paracetamol before symptoms kick in. I think that helped.

  • Teasswill,

    You.could be right. Your comments appreciated. No probs before but always a first time. 


  • The latest booster left us both very tired for several days.

  • Thanks for the quick response.

  • I don't have any vaccines only the initial two at the beginning but really did not want them. 

  • I waited a week after finishing the 3 weeks bcg top ups (18 in all over 2 years) and I was really exhausted, more so than after finishing a course of  BCG and previous vaccines. I was pleased to get it done though. My husband who’s perfectly fit and healthy was quite feverish and very tired for a few days so maybe it’s because this vaccine is Moderna not the Pfizer one we all usually get. Although they are both the same type of vaccine maybe they have different side effects. 

  • Shrimp

    Very interesting observations.
    My wife was similarly exhausted for a few days.

    We too had Moderna this time, following Pfizer for the previous 2 boosters, following Moderna for 2 boosters, following Pfizer for 2 boosters and our first covid vaccination was Pfizer.

    The only time either of us had the problems I mentioned 6 days ago, was with the most recent Moderna. Having said that we are both pleased to have covid vaccines.

  • I came round under the kitchen table after a main Pfizer vaccination.I felt so ill I had to go to bed for several days.Jane 

  • Winkers60

    So sorry to read of your experience. It sounds awful.

    As far as a background in bladder cancer is concerned have you had an initial 6 doses of BCG instillation, or more? Was your experience with Pfizer after an initial dose or several doses of Pfizer or Moderna? If you have had BCG did you have Mitomycin C instillation or other drugs to combat bladder cancer beforehand?


  • Hi PSOE,The only treatment I had for bladder cancer was bladder removal.I had a type of cancer that doesn’t respond to radiotherapy and not that well to chemo.I had many years of Interstitial cystitis prior to cancer and my bladder was severely diseased.It would have been removed anyway but I got cancer before that happened.I’ve just looked at my vaccine card and I reacted to the Pfizer booster not the main jab.I had two Astra Zeneca’s before that and was ok.I know I probably should have had more boosters but that bad experience was scary and put me right off anymore.Best wishes Jane