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Good Evening all 

Juat a quick one I was wondering how many people have completely cut out alcohol or cut down since being diagnosed I myself cut down a lot 12 months ago before I ever got diagnosed but I do enjoy a few cans of beer Friday and Saturday evening with a bit of TV or whatever I don’t go mad I was just wondering what some of your thoughts are on it really as I myself do watch my units even more now but still enjoy a drink when the occasion calls for it obviously there will be and has been times when I don’t at all treatments scans etc 

  • I have cut back as well but still enjoy some wine, whiskey or beer on occasion. 

  • Hi Wel1979,

    I like you cut down my alcohol intake before being diagnosed, and I do like a beer or a glass of wine.

    I actually asked about alcohol when I was first diagnosed and my consultant smiled (like he'd been asked this question before) and said it's fine in moderation...

    However I don't drink anything whilst I going through my BCG treatment's and a couple of weeks after (at least). Also give it a miss for a few weeks after my biopsies.

    Anyhow back to your question, yep I've reduced my beer intake since being diagnosed. I've also changed my food diet quite a bit also.

    My thoughts being if you enjoy a beer then heck why not. I've just come back from visiting friends in Long Melford and enjoyed a few pints of Ghost Ship or Green King IPA. 

    I do always have water afterwards or before I go to bed, so do keep hydrated.

    Enjoy your beer.

    Take care 


  • One of the first questions I asked when going through chemotherapy. My urologist said a few pints now and again was fine in moderation. He advised to try and stick to Real Ale if possible and avoid the mass produced fizzy, gassy stuff which may contain chemicals. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Thanks for your replies I only put in the fridge what I want to drink that evening and when I’m halfway through I’ll have a bottle of water then I will fill the bottle back up at bedtime and take it upto bed with me to drink the water over night and upon waking up I suppose the answer is then good common sense and set a sensible allowance for the evening and stick to it can’t remember the last time I felt tipsy to be honest more of a sipper from the pint glass these days 

  • I gave up some time before I was diagnosed, and don’t miss it. Lost quite a lot of weight in the process too. I am prone to addictive behaviour, so quitting for me was the right thing. Just occasionally I fancy a glass of wine. Leo