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Hi, I’m due to have my RC operation in a couple of weeks, do you have to have any bowel prep beforehand? What did people take for wind pain after op? Is there anything else that people wish they had known before they went in? 

  • Hi,

    I had an RC seven years ago and was in hospital for seven  days. I must say that I didn't experience any pain,although I was on a drip for few days after the op. I had no wind pain at all the only preparation was to stop solid food about seven hours before admission. At 4.00 am I had an energy drink to take at home and checked in at the hospital at 7.00am.

    The op was at 8.00am and I was on the ICU ward about 3.00pm. No bowel prep at all, although the following day I was advised to sip water and chew gum and the physio got me out of bed and waking around. The chewing and walking is recommended to wake up your bowels, which are often last to wake up due to the anaesthetic. The only thing I was advised to do before the op was to eat healthily and exercise, which I did and still do.

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  • Hi Blondy,I didn’t have any bowel prep beforehand.I had to take  fortified drinks the night before.Pack loose waisted clothes and slippers that you can slide on without having to bend.Your abdomen will probably be quite swollen to begin with.I had to take in sugar free chewing gum to help activate the bowels.I wish I had known just how tired you feel post op.I hope it all goes smoothly.Jane x

  • Thanks for your reply, I’ll get some chewing gun then, really helpful

  • Thanks Jane I hope so too, must say I’m a bit nervous. I’ve got sliders to wear as slippers and I’ll get some chewing gum x

  • It’s natural to feel nervous.I felt far more anxious before the surgery than on the op day.It’s usual to spend time in intensive care/high dependency straight after the op.I was moved to the ward the following day.They will give you plenty of strong painkillers if needed.I didn’t have too much pain.I managed with paracetamol via a drip at first and then orally.I had a drip for fluids and for antibiotics.Jane x

  • Hi, I had my op 12 years ago. Was given some special nutrition drinks to have the day before & of course nil by mouth after a certain time.  When I was at the hosp they gave me a 'small enema' - had to hold on as long as poss then dash to loo for loose bowel movement. 

    About 5 days post op when I had what I thought was wind, they gave me a peppermint drink. Eventually I realised I needed a bowel movement which I eventually managed on Day 7. Walking will help wake up bowels again, but they can be very erratic, changing from constipation to looseness. 

    When you get home, build up walking each day (several short walks better than a long one), lots of rest, eat little & often, concentrating on carbs & protein. Recovery will seem frustratingly slow - just go at the pace your body dictates. Best wishes.