Deeper biopsies?

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My partner has pTa grade 3 bladder cancer, diagnosed 3.5 yrs ago with a recurrence about 18 mths ago. He is on a second course of BCG. CT scan in December showed hydronephrosis and thickening of bladder wall. He had biopsies at the end of February and went to a consultant meeting a few weeks ago and was told they were normal but they wanted to do a repeat CT and a renogram to look at the kidney which wasn't draining well. Fast forward - CT scan has been repeated and consultant rang out of the blue to say he wants to do some deeper biopsies. Hydronephrosis looks better and thickening is better too. Is this unusual to want to do more biopsies at a deeper level with no negative change on the CT scan? Partner is confused / concerned. Surely they should have done appropriate biopsies in February? I feel the care has  not been great recently - mixed messaging, delays etc. 

  • I would suggest contacting your partner's CSN. I find mine are priceless and usually explain the situation a lot clearer than the consultants. I've never come across a "deeper" biopsy before, but it is important to follow up your concerns, or you start filling in the gaps, which can lead to more anxiety. Alternatively you could contact the Macmillan Nurses on this site, it's a pretty painless process..

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  • Thanks for the reply. Yes that's a good idea. I have suggested to my partner that he gets in touch. The consultant was a bit brisk and had to be pushed to comment on the CT scan. 

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    Unfortunately that is often the case. Mine are great, but they often seem to be in a hurry and they aren't always the best communucators. I find my CSN's tend to speak with a lot less jargon and are very knowlegable. Often having PhDs arc. Best wishes 

    It doesn't matter where you go, there you are