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Hi All 

Finally I got my results today  that was a long 6 weeks after having my first appointment cancelled and was diagnosed as pTa G2 and was told they are doing a 2nd TURBT and will be also checking my ureter as my tumour Location was right at the side of the orifice 


  •  . Hi Ste. It's been a long wait but good results in the great scheme of things. Early stage and medium risk. A follow up TURBT is standard and not usually as severe as the first. Just to double check and mop up.  Helps to confirm the diagnosis. Best wishes. 

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Hi Rily 

    Hope you’ve had a great weekend at the national yea it’s a starting point obviously understand the further checks also with where the tumour was they are in there anyway so would be stupid not to have alook I suppose