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I’m hoping you can share experiences please. My mum (I’m her carer) is at stage 4 bladder cancer and has completed 3 high dose RT sessions. Her urination urgency and frequency is so strong and unrelenting both day & night, that she is pretty much housebound by her need to visit the loo. She’s tried various urinary infection interventions such as prescription tablets as well as bladder RT but all have no impact. Is there any hope that urination urgency & frequecy symptoms can subside as this is proving very frustrating regarding her quality of life, particularly as she has good health otherwise outside the urination symptoms? She has a very strong aversion to wearing pads/pants or shield products  Many thanks to any wisdom you can share.

  • Hello  and welcome to the group although sorry to hear of your mum's discomfort. We know RT can inflame the bladder causing the need to go all the time but it usually subsides with time. Is your mum drinking enough water? Sounds like a contradiction in the circumstances but people tend to stop drinking with frequent urination hoping it will stop them peeing. This has an adverse effect on the bladder. Urine becomes concentrated and acidic, irritating the bladder and causing the need to go all the time. Regular drinks of water helps this and helps the bladder to heal. Drinking water also helps to have longer more satisfying pees rather than the annoying little dribbles. Also avoid coffee and strong tea. As always though, let the medics know. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Hi rily, great advice as getting the liquid intake in the right place has proven helpful.

  • Hi AMA272,Welcome to the group.I’m so sorry that your mum is suffering.Is your mum able to stand easily ? I found urinating standing up helped to empty the bladder better.Residual urine can cause irritation and lead to urinary infections.I feel for your mum as I had many years of urgency and frequency prior to cancer and it’s miserable.It’s worth looking at diet too.I had to cut out tomatoes and onions and anything citrus as they caused pain and frequency.As rily has said it’s important to keep up fluids.I hope something can be found to help.Love Jane xx

  • When camping on a beautiful pitch but miles from the site loo block, I improvised with an empty cardboard juice carton with the top opened. Easy- PEEsy!!! Easier still might be a plastic milk container with the top cut away but leaving the handle to hold. Fits between the legs while standing. If this works then worth considering investing in the 'proper' 'she-wee'. Hope it helps

  • Hi Jane

    great advice that’s just triggered a thought: how to move from having many short/dribbles of pee to a more prolonged satisfying pee that’s also less frequent. I’m wondering if drinking far more water far earlier in the day would help to build up some bladder muscle to help achieve a greater gap between going for a pee and hence help achieve greater mobility away from a nearby loo!

  • My mum was prescribed Mirabregon it’s a bladder relaxant, ask her GP if it’s suitable for her symptoms.