Holiday returns

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Hi all, I just wanted to share my experience with you all regarding my first proper holiday since treatment. The day we left I was so nervous about leaving my comfort zone being the bathroom! I was visualising having to stand around for long periods and then needing the toilet. My husband is really supportive but thinks i sometimes overreact and I think he just doesn’t understand. But every thing was fine. Two days in on the boat I had diarrhoea but luckily we were at sea and the ship has numerous toilets. The food was fantastic and they catered for all diets. I completely stayed off the sweets 85% of the time but did have a couple of luxury ice creams as you cannot go to Italy and not have ice cream. As the days went on I gained much more confidence and didn’t live around anal cancer. It is part of moving back to normal as much as I can regarding diet and dealing with bowel issues. One day I didn’t go at all and then start to panic that I’m going to pay for it the next day. Imodium used a couple of times but mostly fine. We did return with covid but what us lot have been through that was hardly anything for me. 

  • Julie

    I was wondering when you would be back and I am so glad to hear you had a good holiday and without any huge loo dramas!  And Italian ice cream - I went to Turin with my daughter's Italian mother-in-law and had ice cream instead of lunch every day I was there, she thought I was crazy but was amused.  This was the beginning of many more holidays -enjoy!!

    Irene xx