Pain in the bum!

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I had posterior exenteration surgery 3 years ago and while sitting has been an issue since and I use a donut cushion to ease the discomfort (Does any one else with a Barbie bum need this?).

However about 6 months ago I stated to get pain in my right buttock - a sort of dull ache that comes on after I've been sitting for a while, or when driving a long distance and becomes increasingly painful.

I mentioned it to the surgeon at a routine check up. he said he could see nothing and couldn't suggest any reason for it happening. We agreed I would leave it a bit longer to see if it went away by itself (I'd only had it 6 weeks or so by then). If it didn't, he agreed to arrange a CT scan.

I now have a scan booked for next week, but I just wondered if this was familiar to anyone on here.

I happened to read a thread from last year earlier today about radiation fibrosis and that got me thinking, as I'd never heard if it before. I had daily radiation Mom-Fri for 5 weeks pre-surgery, so it's a possibility, I guess. 



  • Hi Ozboz it is possible you have radiation fibrosis but treatment does affect nerves and can take time to calm down. Late effects when we have had treatment can occur any time and I think that by trying to keep supple and fit around the pelvic area helps keep things moving. I did pelvic stretches four times a day early post treatment which only takes around 15 mins a time. It helps build strength and reduce stress. 


  • Thanks for replying, Julie.

    I swim and do yoga regularly and sometimes a bit of a mini work-out. I find especially with yoga that stretching in some poses is quite painful, but maybe that's a good thing and I need to do more of it rather than stopping when it hurts!

    I admire you doing the exercises 4 times a day! Good for you!

    Really helpful information - thank you!


  • Hello Ozboz

    I have aches and pains in the pelvic area but not as you describe.  That isn't to say there is anything in particular wrong, I think we all have or sometimes develop new pain and more often than not there is no good reason for it.  I hope your scan and follow-up go well, I am in awe of you doing yoga!  My daughter is really wanting me to go with her and said she would talk to the instructor first to make sure that I didn't try anything too taxing.

    Please let us know how you get on.

    Irene x