Celebrating Little Successes

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Yesterday I mowed the whole front field AND the paddock, without padding the tractor seat or wearing bike shorts. And I didn't have to flee for the pain meds afterwards!

I need to remember that steps forward like this are huge, and to be grateful for 'em. Helps the backward steps go down a little easier.


  • That's great news, ! You're so right about the importance of acknowledging those little wins, too. They may be small on their own, but they can provide a powerful source of strength when you weigh all of them up against a setback.

    I suppose the little successes are a bit like bricks. You put enough of them together, and pretty soon you have a building you can use to wait out any passing showers.  Cloud rainHouseWhite sun small cloud

    All the best,
    Macmillan Online Community Team

  • Suz

    Well done you!  And you are right, it is a huge step forward.

    Big hug

    Irene xx

  • Hi Suz, I have been away on a cruise to the Norwegian Fjords for two weeks and busy catching up on how everyone is getting on. Great to hear your new achievement on being able to do something relatively normal but to us doing it pain free is fantastic. I used to cycle quite a lot and can do this with padded shorts a bit longer each time. My achievements are to go on holiday and eat the foods provided and be able to control the swings and roundabouts of the bowel actions. I would love to hear from those that have gone back to the way they were before the cancer. Fingers crossed. Hope you continue to progress positively.


  • Hi Julie,

    I finished my treatment just over two years ago and I would say I am back to normal now with going to the loo. I have some scar damage so my poo is smaller than originally but fine.

    Hopefully you'll get there and be able to eat what you like, when you like. xx