WHAT THE! lump number two

Hi all, some of you are aware from my previous post that I had surgery around nine weeks ago to remove a lump that didn’t show any concerns of returning cancer which was a relief but I have noticed this morning that where they removed it another little blighter (excuse my French) is growing rapidly I would say. My bowel movements are much less painful now everything has healed up but now I hope this new lump growing doesn’t get too much and obstructs my EXIT! it’s been itching this morning and I thought blow it I’m going to put neat tea tree oil on it as I prefer the slight sting to the irritant itching. I have a CT scan Thursday and the nuclear medicine treatment on Friday so will see how it goes. I have been introduced to the MY CHART app link to my hospital which is a brilliant way of keeping up with my oncologist team and it’s great for asking any questions or when getting your results from scans instead of waiting for your next appointment. I’m not sure how many hospitals offer this or if it is a countrywide practice.


  • Thank you Carole. I am feeling remarkably calm than usual. I think when you are just having your routine CT scan it brings with it some anxiety and my husband always remarks on how short I can be around this time. I hope your recovery is going smoothly as I remember you had some bumpy rides towards the end.


  • Hi all, well I have gone ahead and finally booked that cruise! It falls on our anniversary and my husband is thrilled that I am stepping towards living a life not tied to my comfort surroundings. Travel insurance sorted and rather than complete the application online I gave them a call. I told them about the mystery lump and he wanted an actual description of what it was which was difficult as the surgeon presented it on the completion form a radiation therapy lesion non cancerous. Of course that wasn’t on his list of viables and had to refer to his medical advisor. It was eventually put down as a benign tumour. I’m profoundly deaf so they had to put that down which I thought was odd! It’s not life threatening and with aids which I have worn since the age of three and do pretty well. We have been on a few before covid and I never worried about getting off the boat and doing the usual things but I am trying not to think too much about that and will take a supply of instants and be extra vigilant with diet. This extremely important function of our bodies can have a big impact on our everyday lives. But hey I have to do it. Glad it’s a land cruise and the next challenge I’d to fly.

  • I have just had a phone call from my lovely oncologist and had a discussion about the lump. She is willing to bring forward my appointment from October if I want her to just to examine me and put my mind at rest. She suspects the itching is the healing process and as it was an open wound it can form a raised area. She is so lovely and I feel she listens and reacts to my worries. I feel better already and if I want to cancel the earlier appointment and leave it for October then I can. I can’t fault her really.

  • I’m pleased to hear your oncologist has responded so well & has brought your appointment forward, I know in your shoes a physical examination would be the only thing that would put my mind to rest. It’s feasible that the itching is as she says the healing process, it’s often the case regardless of where the wound is isn’t it?


  • Hi Julie

    You've had a feel good day today great news on you booking your cruise and nice to hear getting travel insurance went smoothly. 

    How kind of your oncologist to ring and bring your appt forward sounds like she has put your mind at ease too. You can look forward to your cruise now!Tada Yippee! 

    Carole x

  • Julie

    I am so delighted that you have booked your holiday and managed to get the holiday insurance sorted out.  I had to smile when you said you had to tell them about the lump, when they asked if I was waiting for any appointments I said yes, for anal stretching.  There was a long pause, and then, can you say that again?!  And then, can you explain?!

    I am sure you will have a brilliant time, and it does take courage to 'move away' as it were from familiar and nearby medical help, but I am keeping everything crossed that you will be fine, and also that this lump dissipates soon.

    Irene xx

  • Oh Irene you made me laugh Joy

  • Julie, what is even worse is that because I am very apprehensive I Googled 'anal stretching'.  I urge you not too if you are of a squeamish disposition.  Apparently there there is a whole market for this and nothing to do with pelvic radiotherapy either! 

  • Oh Irene I’m an avid googler and what an eye opener! What I did learn from one site is that it’s not a a done deal to just stretch and something that has to be constantly expanded. It will be interesting to see what you learn when you see your specialist. I did stay away from certain sites when googling this as I didn’t want to be shocked Flushed Joy

  • Hello Irene this made me laugh too! Also just to let you know as I had very severe anal strictures with Crohn’s disease for years I have had about 5 anal stretching procedures under a general anaesthetic and they were really no trouble at all. I think I was only under for about 20 mins each time and hopped off the bed after each one and skipped merrily on my way! So I hope that you might have the same experience. The colorectal nurses may well come and speak to you with a scary looking dilator afterwards though and I have to admit I wasn’t keen on having to do it myself…..