WHAT THE! lump number two

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Hi all, some of you are aware from my previous post that I had surgery around nine weeks ago to remove a lump that didn’t show any concerns of returning cancer which was a relief but I have noticed this morning that where they removed it another little blighter (excuse my French) is growing rapidly I would say. My bowel movements are much less painful now everything has healed up but now I hope this new lump growing doesn’t get too much and obstructs my EXIT! it’s been itching this morning and I thought blow it I’m going to put neat tea tree oil on it as I prefer the slight sting to the irritant itching. I have a CT scan Thursday and the nuclear medicine treatment on Friday so will see how it goes. I have been introduced to the MY CHART app link to my hospital which is a brilliant way of keeping up with my oncologist team and it’s great for asking any questions or when getting your results from scans instead of waiting for your next appointment. I’m not sure how many hospitals offer this or if it is a countrywide practice.


  • Dear Gods, Julie, WTF? I'm glad you've already got a scan scheduled. Did the tea tree help? I'll be on tenterhooks to see what your team has to say about this.

    Major hugs


  • Hi Suz, the tea tree did sting at first and I repeated it by mixing it with some Aquaphor cream which was better. I am hoping it is the scar tissue that is growing similar to what happens when you have keloid scars. Fingers crossed. Will let you know when I have the results from the CT scans which could take weeks!

  • Julie

    Sorry, my reaction is the same as Suz - WTF?  As if you need this on top of recovering from the last lump.  I am wondering if you are a person who is predisposed to developing keloid scars.  But so unfair. Sending you big hugs

    Irene xx

  • Oh god  , what the hell is going on?? It’s a good job this CT is scheduled for Thursday, you really must be sick right now! That’s really interesting about the MY CHART app & thanks for giving everyone the heads up about this, I’ll definitely be taking a look. Please keep us updated on how you get on. 


  • Hi Julie

    Just to wish you good  luck with your scan tomorrow and Friday’s treatment. . I hope your team can reassure you about this second lump . Take care x

  • Hello Irene it does make me wonder if I am predisposed to develop these scars. I can remember when I had a episiotomy after the birth of my youngest and the scar overhealed and would tear sometimes. At one time they was going to cut it and re stitch but said it could do it again. After the radiation it just burnt off and completely smooth. Let’s hope it just something like that.


  • Thank you Nicola. My oncologist said the MY CHART is good for getting your test results sooner than having to wait for your next appointment to find out. It is also good for asking any questions or concerns which I have applied regarding the lump. They may take a few days to get back to you if not urgent in which case you would phone them. You can cancel appointments or they can cancel or confirm your appointments. The itching has calmed down so that is good. I will keep you posted.


  • Thank you for your comment Elf66 fingers crossed.


  • You may well be, especially if you have experienced them before.  My elder daughter developed a keloid scar after her open heart surgery, it doesn't bother her so she has never done anything about it, but it didn't give her the problems that you are experiencing.  I am really hoping your new lump dies down.

    Irene xx

  • Hi Julie

    So sorry to hear you have another lump appeared when you have just healed from your surgery. So stressful for you. Good luck with the CT scan tomorrow and nuclear medicine treatment Friday. Hope you get the results back very quickly. 

    A bit hug coming your way

    Carole x