Mpal leukaemia serious complications post transplant

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My son is 10 months post sct and is having serious complications of the cgvhd of the lungs.  His lung function is very poor and we are struggling to get it under control.  Is waiting to start ecp at guys.  Would love to hear from anyone who has had similar experiences.   Very scared right now.

  • Sorry to hear this.How old is your son? How is his blood count? Is he in the hospital with oxygen? 


  • Hi 

    Sorry to hear about your son and his GVHD complications. I had GVHD of the skin and gut following my SCT but can't shed any light on GVHD of the lungs. I would suggest you copy your post and paste it into the Stem cell transplants forum as you are more likely to get a response there re GVHD. If you click HERE it will take you straight to that forum. The click the + New button in the top right corner and paste your post there.

    I am sure someone will have had a similar experience there.


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  • His blood count when active was 80.  He is now in hospital on oxygen and starting ecp in a few days.