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hi, my 28 year old daughter, was diagnosed with ALL in february, she is currently in hospital having treatment, after her first round, she ended up with severe liver damage, caused by one of the chemos she was having, thankfully, we know which one, and she wont be having it, unfortunatley she can not have a stem cell transplant due to the liver damage, her twin is a match, we are hoping this may be an option in the future, i just wanted to reach out and see if anybody is going through this and can understand how im feeling, thank you xx

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    Sorry to here about your daughter's diagnosis with ALL and the fact that she has reacted to the treatment. It is really difficult when your react to the drugs that are supposed to be helping you and then end up taking more drugs to combat the side effects! I was diagnosed with ALL in September 2012 and I had my treatment at Barts. You can read about my treatment journey by clicking onto my profile here  PAUL1969

    I reacted during my treatment (phase 3 of UKALL14) and suffered with acute pancreatitis and got it badly. It affected my liver as well as my pancreas and I was a bright shade of yellow for many weeks. However I did recover and go on to have my stem cell transplant albeit 4 months later than planned. 

    Hopefully your daughter's liver will repair itself and she can go on to receive the treatment she needs to be able to live a full and normal life. Any questions please feel free to ask.


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