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I have my PIP assessment coming up and I am really nervous, I feel like from hearing some stories you have to really really over exaggerate (which just feels like lying to me) to get anything and many get knocked back despite having a legitimate claim. To be honest hearing other people's stories I'm very tempted to just leave it as I will hopefully go to working from home towards the end of the year which will give me my income back. 

Just wondering if anyone has any advice?


  • Hi

    It was back in 2013 that I made a claim but I am sure things have changed since then. I had worked on how I was during my worst day rather than trying to be positive about how good I was on my best day. 

    So I wasn't lying or exaggerating just being honest about how bad I was. I think you have to work on the worst case scenario and then if you feel that at the end of the year you are fit and able to work (and your GP or consultant agrees and will write to declare you fit for work) then you can always stop the PIP. 

    It certainly helped me with bills for a few months when I couldn't work and needed some financial help.

    Hope it goes ok.


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  • Hi , just to add to my friend great advice, I am 7 years out from my initial PIP process and totally agree with what Paul has said.

    I was refused my application following my ‘in home’ visit but my Macmillan Benefits Adviser helped me with my appeal and my claim was upheld and I received full PIP including mobility back dated to my initial application.

    Don't see this as something that you should feel embarrassed about getting, Cancer is unfair and these benefits are in place for such times like these.

    All the best.

    Mike (Thehighlander)

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