No hair regrowth.... nearly 27 years on

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Well it has been nearly 27 years since I had ALL, but still no hair regrowth where I had 'prophylactic' cranial radiotherapy on the top of my head.  Every time I see what I look like, see the adverts for hair and hair products on the tv, my self confidence in my appearance goes down.  I would love to have some hair back so that I can style it and feel good about myself again.  I don't know what options there are that I can turn to.  This lack of self confidence is affecting me applying for jobs, as I think that people look at me strangely or the interviewer would not like the way I look.

  • Hi , I am dropping in past from the NHL group just to send you a ((hug))

    As I have not experienced this specific challenge it’s hard to appreciate the challenges you face daily.

    You may want to post a question to our Nurse Team in our Ask an Expert section, but do allow two working days for replies from our expert team.

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