Looking forward to a Merry Christmas?

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Hi everyone!!!

I'm feeling a little down at the moment so just wondering how everyone else is and if anyone has an exciting Christmas plans they'd like to share to cheer everyone up!!!

Hoping everyone is well1

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    I'm not a member of this group but I saw your post asking what we're all up to this Christmas. I don't have any really exciting plans but the Christmas decorations are up and I've made a cake, it just needs to be iced now - the cake not the decorations. I also make brandy truffles with the left over marzipan and it doesn't feel like Christmas if we're not sitting eating them while watching whatever must see film is on this year.

    Boxing day afternoon will be spent watching the racing from Kempton Park as I'm a big racing fan. Unfortunately, it'll be on the TV rather than at the course but I can still put my 5p each way on!

    Right that's me, so what are you doing?


    Edit - I meant to add that you could have a go in Macmillan's Winter Picture Competition. Click here for more details and good luck!

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