Where to live in UK for follicular lymphoma treatment?

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Hello -

I posted in the general group and it was recommended that I posted in a specific group. As I did not find one for follicular lymphoma, this group seemed close and maybe one of you member can answer our question.

We are looking to relocate outside of London to a pleasant, relaxed, and more affordable place in the UK for my cancer treatment regime (4 to 6 months). We are looking for a place close to a good hospital for the cancer care, to community for groceries and such as my wife does not drive, and closer to nature for long walks to soak up life with my daughter and wife. 

I am a US expat that has worked for a charity in London for 2.5 years. My employment ended in April, but we have been unable to relocate outside of the UK due to the lockdown. "We" meaning my wife and 3-year old daughter and me (mid-50s Daddy). 

In June, to our dismay, I was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma cancer. Due to the pandemic, we waited until June to have my symptoms looked into as they did not appear to be an emergency, and NHS advice was to otherwise avoid the health serviced due to the virus, etc.

We were going to leave the UK once the lockdown lifted, but now we need to remain here for my chemo treatment. Suffice to say we've had a steep learning curve about lymphoma cancer, and it has been a really hard blow to our life plans. I am sure people in this community understand this. 

Our rent in London is very high, and we would like to live in a more relaxed setting. We have to decide within a week and relocate soon thereafter for the treatment if we are to do this, so any suggestions you may have would be more than welcome. 

Much love and respect to this community,