Just about his fighting spirit .

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My name is chashni. Well , I chose to be called as chashni here cuz my guy used to call me chashni.
I was randomly googling some positive feedback about cancer , especially blood cancer . I found Macmillan community there and I joined this group . 

First of all ,hats off to all the cancer patients fighting their battle against it . 

So this is about my fiancé . One fine day We noticed nodes on his neck and figured out he had similar nodes under his armpit and near his bladder . He got his check up done . Doctor suggested to operate one of his nodes to figure out what it exactly was. He also told us it might be lymphoma . Reports came . June 2018 he was diagnosed.At first we didn’t even know what this lymphoma exactly is ! None of our family or our ancestors had cancer before . When we figured out what lymphoma was ,our whole family was shattered . My fiancé was positive with this fact and went for Ayurvedic treatment which was done in a dark room with a fixed dosage of Ayurvedic medicine for a month . Soon all his lymph nodes started disappearing. We could literally see the positive outcome of the Ayurvedic  treatment we opted for .  But his blast cells started increasing we soon had to hospitalise him . He had around 90%+ blast cells when we shifted him to hospital . It was T cell Acute lymphoblastic Leukemia . He underwent chemotherapy , radiation therapy , dozens of tablets every day , centre line connecting to his heart directly . His medical team decided to do his bone marrow transplantation in December 2018. He had to face many aftermath side effects of bmt like severe GVHD’s.  Everything was going good . He got discharged from hospital and he had this maintenance checkup every month , sometimes twice a month . 
He was under remission period for a year exactly. 

December 2019 his platelets started fluctuating . And unfortunately he got relapsed with 60% of blast cells. His medical team told he had the chances of getting back into remission again . We’ll keep him on mild dosage chemo injections which will be given twice a week and do his bone marrow biopsy. His bone marrow biopsy showed 6-8% of remaining blast cells . He was hospitalised and his chemo type changed which was a lil stronger than the previous one ( VCR ). Everything was going well , until he started developing severe side effects like mouth gvhd . His whole mouth and throat was covered with ulcers . Intake of food and water was closed . He was on food packets . His blood and platelets transfusion kept on happening every now and then . We tried every possible thing unfortunately we lost him on March 8th 2020. 

Now let’s talk about his fighting spirit !

He was the BRAVEST SOUL  I ever knew or I could ever know . I feel blessed to be a part of his life . He never ever gave up from day one . When got diagnosed his reaction was it’s a disease we are all humans we do get ill . We’ll fight it . Think positive be positive and positivity will flow around you . We should train our mind to be strong as everything comes from there .  He used to tell “ I’m blessed with a gift “ from god . Not everyone gets this . He is testing me. 
When got relapsed his reaction was “ can’t lose hope now , it’s just the beginning “. Till the end he faught for it with a smile on his face . Even when he was on death bed he took his blood pressure tablet by himself , he hugged his mom , his dad and then he went to a peaceful sleep forever. Really really blessed to be a part of his life and his journey . 
Negative thoughts used to hit him sometimes but he always made himself stable emotionally , mentally and faught for it . Infact he made everyone strong around him . Including his parents , his sister and me 

Few of his sayings .

”Humans get 100 births , so what if I don’t live longer in this birth . It isn’t the end , it’s not over . I’ll get a rebirth again and their I might live longer . God would’ve planned a beautiful life their “

” why cry ? What will you get after crying ? Nothing is gonna change if you cry . Everything will happen even after you cry . It’s written to happen and it will happen . No one can stop it from happening “

” Stay strong , roar like a tiger “

” pain ? It’s paining ? Witness the pain it will no longer pain “

“Everyday is a new beginning “

”keep life simple “

He will always stay with us ,in our good memories and in our hearts. He was and still is a inspiring soul to all of us . We definitely miss him. 
We love him to moon and back.

lots of love to all the cancer patients out there.
Never lose hope. Stay strong .