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I'm new here so please accept my apologies if this isn't the correct part to post on. I'm looking for support for a relative who's just had their young child diagnosed this week with all leukemia.

The father is reacting by getting angry. Aggressive with nurses, family, his partner. Not all the time but he is very angry, obviously this will have an effect on others, staff, family who want to help, and most importantly the child. 

We as his family don't know how to help with his anger. There does not seem to be any form of help for them so far. I asked if he had asked the nurses for guidance and he said he had and the nurses could not help him. I'm at a loss here.

I understand that this is a stress response, including anxiety, fear. I'm just afraid for him and afraid he may get booted out of the hospital eventually. 

Does anybody know where he can get proper support, please. Any relevant advice will be gratefully received. 

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    As you've discovered a cancer diagnosis not only affects the person who has it but also their family and friends. All the emotions that the father is feeling are a perfectly normal reaction, although I understand that you're worried that he's taking his anger out on those who are trying to help. You may find this information on dealing with your feelings when your child has been diagnosed with cancer helpful and you could also show it to your relative.

    You could also suggest that the father joins this community, where he'd get the chance to talk to share experiences with other people, or could phone the Macmillan Support Line on 0808 808 0000 and talk things through with one of the specialist nurses.

    I'm also tagging this group's Community Champion as he may be able to tell you what other help could be available for the family.


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  • Hi

    Welcome to the ALL section of the community, although to hear the reason for your post. 

    I don't personally have any experience of ALL in children as I was 42 when I was diagnosed 7 years ago.

    It is a natural reaction for parents to get upset and this can manifest itself in many ways. One of those will be anger because the father feels he can't do anything himself to help his child get better. Of course taking that anger and frustrations out on his family and medical staff isn't going to help anyone so it odes sound like he needs some support.

    As suggested the Macmillan support line would be a good place to start. Is he the sort of person who would consider going for counselling? This may really help as he would be able to express his concerns and fears to someone that he feels isn't going to judge him for his thoughts and that may be what he needs to get things off his chest.

    There are some links for some other information and a website below that may also help.

    There is more information available here for children with ALL Here

    Also you can also find more information from the Childhood cancer and leukaemia groups website by clicking Here

    I hope the treatment goes well.. the success rate with children with ALL is really really good.


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    1. My grandson now aged 8 has just finished his 3+ years of treatment for ALL so I understand the awful effect it has on the family as well as the child. We were guided towards a counselling service through the GP which is  local and asking for only voluntary contributions. My daughter took advantage of it and found it a great help. I didn't but I am on their waiting list currently as my husband has been diagnosed with bladder cancer and I am feeling rather overwhelmed.

    Keep strong the family will need you in their journey. Very best wishes