5 year old relapsed after 2and half years of treatment

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we have just been told that my 5 year old grandson has relapsed 2 and a half years into treatment. I am so scared! I know nothing about what to expect so would really appreciate some feedback please x

  • Hi Flo1963

    Welcome to the ALL section of the community, although to hear the reason for your post. It must be so heartbreaking to get this news after 2 1/2 years of treatment.

    I don't personally have any experience of ALL in children as I was 42 when I was diagnosed 6 1/2 years ago. 

    There is more information available here for children with ALL HERE and it does say the following:

    Most children with ALL are cured. If the leukaemia recurs after initial treatment, it usually does so within the first three years. Further treatment can then be given. Long-term side effects (late side effects) are rare, and most children with ALL grow and develop normally. If you have specific concerns about your child’s condition and treatment, it’s best to discuss them with your child’s doctor, who knows the situation in detail.

    So please don't give up hope. I would say to get as much information via your family regarding what your grandsons medical team have said about the next treatment. You can also call the Macmillan help line (the number is below) and speak to someone who will have more information regarding your grandsons leukaemia.

    There is a Macmillan forum group for Parents of children with cancer (there isn't one for grandparents I'm afraid) which is HERE

    You can also find more information from the Childhood cancer and leukaemia groups website by clicking  HERE

    Good luck for you and your family..


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