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Wave Hello to fellow sufferers of ALL. I have the Philadelphia Chromosome positive element

  • Hi feline-fan

    Welcome to the ALL corner of the community although of course sorry on having to come and find us!

    I had ALL and was diagnosed back in Sept 2012.. A lot of chemo and a stem cell transplant in 2013 later I have been told I am cured.. I have a couple of longer term side effects but nothing that they aren't working on at the hospital and certainly nothing that stops me having a completely normal life!

    You can read about my journey by clicking on my name  Paul1969 

    Where are you having your treatment and have the hospital given you an outline of what they are planning?


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    Hi Paul

     Sorry for the delay in responding 

     I’m currently under Kings College Hospital in London.

    Yes I definitely have a treatment plan. This coming Friday will be my 3rd session of chemotherapy under the maintenance phase. Previous to that I was on  the consolidation phase and prior to that the induction phase.  There is currently no talk of me needing or having an SCT / BMT.

     I had another bone marrow aspirate last week, so should find out the results this week. Fingers crossed I’m still in remission