Online Community Newsletter - 9th April 2024

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We're here to support you

If you are waiting for results, it can be difficult to think of anything else. Members of the Breast cancer forum have been sharing how they cope.

If you're struggling to keep your mind off things, or have unanswered questions, you might find it helpful to join in the conversation.

If you have been through diagnosis in the past, you might have some wisdom to share. How did you cope with the worry of waiting?

If you'd like to share your thoughts in a safe space with people who understand, you can also visit our Emotional support forum.

- The Online Community Team

New here? Say hello!

If you're new to the Community, or haven't posted in one of the forums yet, we invite you to say hello.

Most of our forums have a dedicated space for new members to say hello, or you can get started in the New to the Community forum.

We'd love to hear from you!

Sharing stories, hints and tips

Through our Community News blog we share stories and experiences from across the Online Community.

We've investigated how the Online Community can become part of your social prescription.

Not sure what to pack in your hospital bag? Our members have been sharing their thoughts.

What's on your comfort wish list might be helpful if you're looking for ideas for yourself or a loved one.

In our latest guest blog, Jane has been sharing her experience of scalp cooling.

See the rest of our Community content over on our Community News blog page.

Looking for some distraction?

Lots of members have told us that it can help to have light-hearted distractions at times.

In addition to offering an anonymous space to share how you're really feeling, the Community can be your safe place to relax and unwind.

Chat with your friends, share a laugh, or take part in one of our Community quizzes.

Now's the perfect time to Spring into our Online Community Quiz! How many questions will you get right?