Spring into our Online Community Quiz

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Spring into our Online Community Quiz

Welcome to our spring themed quiz 

Members have been talking about springtime across the Online Community. Whether it's blossom coming out on the trees or the longer days, there's lots of positivity in the air.

Even if you're not feeling particularly positive right now, you might find light-hearted distractions to be helpful. 

After receiving feedback that many of you have enjoyed a chance to relax and engage with light-hearted content, we've created a spring themed quiz for the Community today.

How to play the interactive quiz

Use the voting buttons to choose your answer from the multiple choices shown. You are welcome to try all ten questions, or just a few. 

Once you have voted for your answer, you will be able to see how many others chose the same answer as you.

Where can I find the answers?

You can find the answers hidden at the bottom of this page. No peeking until you have completed the quiz!

Question One

Question Two

Question Three

Question Four

Question Five

Question Six

Question Seven

Question Eight

Question Nine

Question Ten

Well done for completing the quiz and thank you for taking part.

The correct answers

No peeping below until you have completed the quiz! Please click on the image to expand so it's large enough to read.

If you would prefer the answers sent by email, let us know by emailing the team at community@macmillan.org.uk

Love this time of year and would like to see some more Spring themed content? Take a look at our Spring Spotting thread and share your own photos if you have them.

How did you do? We would love to read your comments below.