The waiting game for all results!!

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I've been reading either posts about waiting for the results. I'm just seeing how other people cope and what they do in the meantime and how long do they give before contacting the hospital.

My story found a lump and dimpling, saw a GP on the 19th January refered to consultant on 25th. Mammogram on the 2nd Feb. Ultrasound on the 4th. Found a dominate lump 4cm  with other small lumps took biopsy. Also lymph nodes under armpit on same side do had biopsy on them too!  Mri scan on 6th Feb and was told results 1 to 2 weeks!! 

The day before mri scan had to have blood tests as on high blood pressure tablets..I'm trying not to get stressed bit it's not knowing is the hardest bit. 

Hubby and son know but not told parents they are in their 80s so don't want to worry them just yet!! 

  • Hello, so sorry you find yourself here. You are so right, I found the waiting and not knowing to be the worst part of it all. Though it sounds like you journey is moving pretty quickly which is good. Feel free to have a look at my profile to see my journey so far in case there is some useful information there. There are lots of useful conversations here with people who have been there done that etc. Best wishes 

  • Yes the waiting was awful. I was diagnosed on 21st December but had MRI on 22nd.  It was 11th January when I saw the oncologist and found out my treatment plan. Once I knew that I felt better. I hated not knowing and the overthinking EVERYTHING was driving me mad. 

  • Hi, the waiting and the uncertainty is really tough. I realised that our hospital has a weekly MDT (multi disciplinary team) meeting each Thursday, so I timed any chasing to be after that as I knew I would not have any news until that meeting had taken place.

    And I simply kept busy. I listened to podcasts when I was out walking so my thoughts didn't wander and I continued to work as I found that a good distraction.

    Bes wishes and I hope you get clarity soon 

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  • Thank you your reply..  I have just read ur profile and you are very Brave !!! 

    I had a lovely consultant at the ultrasound but as I was on my own on that appointment I was more in shock and trying to take things in.. 

    What will be will be. We are all STRONG AND BRAVE!! X

  • Yes I'm also an over thinker. Got so many scenarios going on in my head. Trying to keep busy and not let the outside world know what I'd going on just yet is hard! 

    I hope ut treatment plan is going well Pray 

  • Yes work is a good distraction and just keep being busy and trying not to over think!! 

  • Hello and welcome .  TBH you moving through system promptly but the waiting is still the pits.  Meanwhile stop planning your funeral!  BC is very treatable and treatment continually being refined and improved.  There are a lot of ladies on here LIVING with stage 4 for years. 

    Once you have a treatment plan you will feel better.  I know one poster never ever told her mother as she has an all in one surgery/radiotherapy.  

  • Hi thank you for your reply

    Yes I know waiting is  the pits but there is no way I'm planning my funeral!! 

    Life is to short. 

    This group is amazing and reading people's stories etc. Everyone is supportive Heart️ 

  • Hello,

    I am pretty much where you're at. Although tmrw is my mri scan and then I am back to see consultant to discuss results on Wednesday. Have had 3 mammograms, 3 biopsies and 2 painful ultra sounds ( I was so sensitive to these). So the waiting game continues. I am still in a constant shock and feel so distant to my daily life, and tears keep happening. I was out walking with my dogs and had a stabbing pain in my right breast. I got home and found a sizeable lump. Went to the doctor and was referred to the breast clinic for tests. This all happened only a few weeks ago so i am right at the start of what feels like a long journey.

  • Hi yes it looks like we are going through this long journey about the same time.

    My mri scan was last Tuesday morning and since then every time the phone rings or pings think its the hospital bur nothing yet .

    My ultrasound I had a lovely consultant she did mention mastitis (might of spelt wrong)but I was in shock so didn't take  it all in