Advice needed after travel insurance got cancelled

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After a diagnosis of cancer all clear insurance cancelled our travel insurance.  My husband hasn't yet been able to get insurance for the trip.  The insurance company refunded a partial amount of the cost of the policy retaining £1,500 of the money paid and sent us an email saying we had requested it was cancelled.  So now we have a holiday he can't go on which we will lose and struggling to get insurance.  Any recommendations of next steps.  Any recommendations for insurance companies to try?

  • Hi  and a very warm welcome to the online community which I hope you'll find is both an informative and supportive place to be.

    I'm sorry to read that your travel insurers would no longer cover you after your husband advised them of his cancer diagnosis. However, there are lots of people in this group who have successfully got insurance. myself included, so please don't give up hope.

    Have you had chance to look through the 'recommended travel insurance' thread yet, as that's where the majority of recommendations are? If not, clicking on the link I've created will take you straight there. As there are lots of recommendations, it's probably best to make a list before starting to phone around.

    I have used and in the past. 

    Do come back and let us know how you get on

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  • I haven't tried paying to much yet.  I am working with Insure Cancer at the moment to see if they can quote me.  We are getting a doctors report so they can talk to the insurance company.  Goodtogo declined him.  I have been reading all of the threads.   Thank you for your help.

  • Try I found them very helpful when I had to buy insurance this year

  • Thank you all for your comments.  I think we have exhausted all the travel insurance options.  My husband has multiple health issues and although I have a letter saying the consultants feel he is fit to travel we cannot get medical insurance cover.   We are not prepared to travel without insurance as the risk would be too great for us.

    We have already lost over a thousand pounds when the original policy was cancelled due to the cancer diagnosis.  Unless we get some good news today, I will still be travelling alone and we will be cancelling my husbands trip (losing the cost of the holiday).  I did pay more to have a refundable flight ticket so all is not lost although they do have a £350 admin fee for the cancellation.

    I have learnt a lot over the past few weeks about insurance and the level of risk that they are prepared to take.  I have found that if you cannot get insurance using the online quote speaking to them can make little difference.  So I have tried a number of specialist brokers.  The British Insurance Brokers Association were very helpful and tried multiple companies for me.

    Insure cancer were extremely helpful and had a good conversation with the underwriters based on lots of information from the consultant.  I have to say the consultant was great and able to provide lots of medical information as well as completing a form about stating that my husband was fit to travel and that we had made sure we had followed all medical advice.

    If anyone has any other ideas please do let me know.  If anything changes and we get insurance I will give you an update letting you know how it was done.

  • Hi. We are in exactly same boat so to speak. If you manage to find anyone please let us know. I'm spending half my life of phone to various insurance companies. I've posted a question today on this forum. I hope you get sorted om.

  • I have made a little progress today.  I have spoken again to insure cancer and I think we have cover subject to some caveats.  

    The problem here is that most of the insurance companies and brokers look up on the computer asking a standard set of questions and if the computer says no that is it, no chance of cover.  We did have a policy with AllClear and to say they were unhelpful when I called with a change to my husbands medical condition is an underestimation.  We tried BIBA the British insurance Brokers association.  They were helpful but were unable to find us cover.

    Insure cancer have been very helpful and subject to a final review with the doctor the week before we go to get confirmation that my husband is still fit to travel plus some updated results he can travel.  If he is not medically fit to travel then they will refund the full amount of the cost of the policy for medical cover.  Note that we could not get cover for cancellation.  (AllClear didn't do that they took a significant portion of the insurance costs).  If he is fit to travel we go but had to agree to a hefty excess - that's fine with us it provides a level of protection as repatriation can cost hundreds of thousands.

    That is the best we can do but feels very fair to us.  We will take minimal electronic gadgets as there is no theft cover.  Albeit I have cover for mine.  We accept the risk of losing the cost of the holiday if he can't travel although I paid extra for refundable air tickets.  Although there is a significant fee if you cancel for the administration.

    I hope that helps you.  I am so sorry you are in the same situation it is a very lonely place to be.


  • I agree Gill. It's gut wrenching when you have plans that I know he is capable of travelling and enjoying what could possibly be his last trip abroad. We have a cruise tagged onto it as well, as its a special birthday and it's heart breaking really. I won't give up though and will try Insure Cancer. I spoke to Freedom today who advised that I wait for tests to be completed and then they may reconsider.

    Also got an email from Free spirit, who may also consider us, as they quote...."All conditions need to be diagnosed and tests and investigations need to be completed and all conditions stable and well controlled. "

    Time will tell.

    Best regards 


  • HI Gill and Pixie,  I am also in the same boat having a number of quotes varying at levels of cost and some who wont cove my husband.    I am also currently talking to Insure Cancer and waiting for the oncology team to send back the forms to them .  

    I knew it was going to be problematic but certainly not this bad.

    I am desperate to get my husband away and feel for you both.

    I will let you know how I get on...

    Take Care 


  • HI Gill,

    How are you getting on,  I am also dealing Insure cancer and have found them very helpful and have covered everything with the oncology team and he has got the consultants fit to travel .  Have found it so hard with others ,  including All Clear who were silly price.   Insure Cancer have come back with a good quote which they have gone through verbally over the phone but just for medical but a very high Excess.  they say that because they are a bespoke company they aske for money up front then send over the contract and there is a 14 day cancellation agreement.  Is this your understanding with them?  

  • We paid the amount they asked and accepted a £6,000 excess.  I will pay £6,000 excess if we need medical help its better than the costs we could incur without insurance.  The policy wil be with us before we travel because we need a final letter from the consultant before we travel and some scan results.  Assuming everything is k next week we will be travelling.

    We didn't talk about the 14 day cancellation because we are so close to the trip but they did say if we cancel before we go we get a full refund.

    Challenging times but myself and my husband chase total solar eclipses and wanted to get to the next one.  The trip has been booked for years.  I had insurance before I paid for it but that was cancelled so I was up the creek without a paddle,  Anyway we have insurance subject to some things (I think they were more concerned that things could change).

    For us it is worth paying as we have been looking forwards to this for some time.