Pressure sores

i am so lost and bewildered by all the decisions I’m having to make at the moment 
noticed my husband is getting a large purple pressure sore on his hip. He is still in our bed upstairs. It’s important that he is there as he wants to have a shower in the morning and he is still able to do this. He also can sit on the loo still which is important for his dignity. However I’m really really worried about him getting an ulcer. He’s sleeping on our normal mattress which is firm, then I have a waterproof cover, then a cushy bed cover then the sheet, which I’m changing every 12 hours. He is wearing Tena mens but is having frequent urine leaks.   I don’t care as he was dehydrated so I’m making him drink a lot. Sorry for the grim details but I really just don’t know at what point to get the hospice to bring a bed and pressure mattress.  I’m probably trying to put off this as it feels like another step closer to the final days but I don’t want him to get an ulcer. That would be terrible.  Any advice

  • Hi

    My advice (experienced similar with my dad although he didn’t have cancer) is that it’s easier to deal with a pressure sore before it breaks down than to try to treat it once it has become an open sore. So I would say get in touch with your hospice or district nurse and let them check out the pressure point soon. I know it’s hard to deal with the thought that this is a step closer to the end but he (and you) will already have enough things to get through without the added discomfort and treatment of an open ulcer or pressure sore. 
    Sending you best wishes and hope you can get help with this soon. 

  • Hi,

    i would say get the pressure mattress sooner rather than later if you can.  Make sure he doesn't stay in the same position for too long and that he changes his position regularly, i.e., hourly so that the pressure is relieved.  I would also recommend checking his heels as that can also be a source of pressure. I am so sorry you are in this position and I wish you all the best. x