My daddy

My dad has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer with brain metastases. He is having immunotherapy but recently has been losing balance and being sick but with bile not normal vomit. Dad knows he very poorly but will not ask life expectancy which is driving me insane because there's so much we wanna do and dunno how much time we have to do it. I feel so so alone and just don't know where to turn. 

  • Hi, it's awful isn't it. My Mum hasn't been given, or asked, for a prediction. She decided to make the most of every day and, what she does, really varies. We used the best days just after her diagnosis to go to places she wanted to visit and days she was ill, we just sat in the lounge or garden. My Mum enjoys looking and old photos and laughing about silly things we did as a family. So, do what your Dad wants as day to day, he will feel different.

    It's really hard but a prediction might be wrong anyway. xx