Living Alone with Cancer

hi all,

On behalf of Macmillan I have volunteered to try and collate some information on the particular issues we face dealing with Cancer whilst living alone. This will also help establish whether there is sufficient interest in the topic to create a new group on the site, a suggestion made by some of our members.

so I am asking you all if you are living alone with cancer what topics you would like to see covered?

What issues have you faced?  Both practical and emotional.

What worries do you have about the future?

have you found solutions to any of your problems?

would you be interested in an additional board (I know many of you have answered this question already, but I'm asking again in case there is anyone new here).

anything else at all you would like to contribute?

if anyone would prefer to send me information in private please and a friend request and then you can PM me.

I plan to collate the topics, see what answers I can find where there are practical problems, and then create a new blog to raise the profile of the topic for us all.

  • Hi Lakeslover,

    count me in, I'm all for it

  • Excellent idea, I would be very willing to join in I find living alone adds a different dimension to my cancer, particularly in relation to hospital stays both before, during and after



  • I am now alone with 12 years of prostrate cancer under my belt (excuse pun). My wife Mavis passed after a battle with bowel, lung cancer. I do have a group on here called "Laughter is the best Medicine" where I try Not to do Dome And Gloom . If I can help I will.



  • I was treated for toncil cancer in 2013. I live alone for 6 months in the UK and 6 months in Thailand. I would like to share my experience of living alone. 

    Good idea. 


  • My main argument for a dedicated group forum for those living alone with cancer is for somewhere that is not dominated by carers and family - the lung cancer forum is dominated with carers and family with all too distressing graphic accounts and advice being given between carers -they have dedicated forums that they are chosing not to use for whatever reason and we living alone do not have this choice.  Also members like Goldtooth with a rare cancer have no forum anywhere.

    As we have not been given the chance to actually start discussing our experiences and pass on tips or just support each other the topics are not known as they have not been able to develop.



  • Hi M J,

    thankyou for adding to this post. I appreciate that you feel that Macmillan are not going about this in the right way. I'm trying to work within the framework they have suggested to move the issue forwards. 

    i am hoping that by generating discussion, and asking people to share their experiences either privately or on this post we can demonstrate that there is substantial interest. 

    I do already have some ideas on topics of interest from posts I have seen during my time on this site and on another Breast cancer forum. But they are just my ideas and I'm sure the are loads more. Of course we won't cover everything, but if we can open up discussion here who knows where it could lead us.

    in view of your opinion i totally understand if you prefer not to get involved with this thread, and hope you don't feel I have hijacked your views and earlier posts in any way. I would also be delighted if you would like to friend me so that we can continue to talk about issues and solutions privately.


    Please take a few moments to fill in your profile to let people know what your connection is to Cancer, and a little about your story. This really helps us know how to answer your questions with the most relevant information

  • Hi Lynda, I think it has great possibilities, I for one have no one at home to share my feelings with, nothing can change that, but it would be nice to have a link to people who understand the absolute loneliness of waking in the night to an empty space in the bed where your loved one should be, or the sound of an empty house when you come into it.

    anything I can do to help, I'm here, Gloria

  • Hello Lynda This is a wonderful idea and I think there is a great need for an additional group for those living alone with cancer. I have certainly found this to be the most difficult issue with a cancer diagnosis, It is a time when you need the comfort and security of having someone's arms around you to help you cope emotionally and also to help with the effects of cancer drugs and treatment when energy is very low. This is a real problem when you live alone. I have breast cancer and my son is in London as are my very close friends. As I am in Newcastle upon Tyne, I do feel a huge sense of aloneness at times and Although I am a very strong independent person normally, this diagnosis and its effects have been extremely challenging particularly as I have little social network here in Newcastle. I do have a one to one Macmillan nurse of recent time ande she keeps in touch which is comforting so I am grateful for this. Best wishes Heather
  • I live alone and wouldn't have it any other way but I do have a partner and children who are always there when I need them. I'd be glad to contribute if I can be useful x


    Wake up, still's a good day. 

  • Hi Lynda

    This is a great idea and very many thanks for bringing it to the fore.  I'm sure there are (too) many people who will benefit from this particular group, myself included.

    Dee x