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I have had my treatment after breast cancer surgery chemotherapy radiotherapy. People close to me have been good but they don’t seem to understand when I talk about it it’s difficult isn’t it 

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Hi Jahhs welcome to the forum and so pleased to hear that all the treatment is past for you.

People who haven't been where you have been and many others on this forum have been don't always get it as they cant understand how it changes you and what happens to you and the feelings that go along with that. That said you have come to exactly the right place because all the people on here do get it so chat away as much as you like.

Im including a link in this email that will take you to the Breast Cancer chat and there are so  many folks who will know exactly what you mean and can chat with you as much or as little as you want. Just click on the link and it will take you to it.

Link to Breast Cancer discussions.

Sending very best wishes your way and look forward to reading your posts in the Breast Cancer forum.xxxx

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Thank you for replying your right your outlook on life changes but you feel a sense of accomplishment that you have beaten it for now thank you.