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I have womb cancer and have the op this week

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Hello everyone

im 57 and was disagnosed a few brief weeks ago after going to my GP with two days of post menopausal bleeding. I knew that was unusual as I haven’t had a period in 6 years but I never dreamt it would be cancer. I’ve had a very fast path to this stage and the appointments have flown by (biopsy and CT scan). Had my pre op assessment yesterday and it’s now dawning on me how serious this is. I’m trying to stay positive as so far it’s been straightforward. Grade 3 but don’t know what stage yet but do know it’s confined to the uterus. Full hysterectomy on Thursday this week by keyhole I hope. I’ve never been in hospital before and that is the thing I’m dreading the most!

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Hi Galanthophile

Welcome to the site, I am glad you found us. I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis, it will have been a huge emotional shock no doubt and you will likely feel shocked, scared, angry and surreal all at once?

I am pleased to hear things are moving quickly, most people refer to it as a rollercoaster, which it really can feel like. Me I liken it to being hit by a whirlwind. 

The lovely people of the womb group will be able to welcome you, share their experiences and answer your questions. If you click on the link I created it will take you there.

Best wishes for your treatment.


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