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Survived but struggling

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Morning everyone, I am new to blogging or joining a support group. I have been cancer free and finished treatment for 3 years now but I am suddenly struggling with it all and don't really know where to turn as I feel selfish and self centred to even admit that l am not on top of the world. The life I value so much just isn't the one I had and I don't know where to turn or waht to do, I don't even want to admit this to anyone. My fatigue continues to interfer with my hopes, dreams and wishes and all or any advice would be really welcome!

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Hello there firstly great name!

”i have been cancer free and finished treatment for 3 years now but i am suddenly struggling with it all and dont really know where to turn as i feel selfish and self centred to even admit that i am not on top of tge worls” 

well the simple answer you have come to the right place and no your not being selfish or self centered at all. I see you also posted in the under 50 and new to site so i am sure you will get lots of support amd understanding. No one really understands our minds processing of tgese things, its a traumatic experience and sometimes it can take a while to express those fears that we have heard on to for so long. During treatment we are so busy with what operation or what treatment chemo or radiotherapy i think sometimes we dont stop to breath, your feelings are totally normal, can I suggest you look at the life after cancer forum you will find there how people have been effected in so many different ways but have a common sense of not knowing how to deal with everything and also what the new ‘normal ‘ is. 

Many have found the arctical written by Dr Peter Havey a great comfort and so if you want to have a look heres the link 

remember your safe here and everyone understands and also dont feel embarrassed by your emotions i think we all go through these feelings and fears from time to time. Also feel free to chat to the lovely guys on the helpline (number below in my signature) its ok to feel the way you do. But just wanted to send you a hug and hope you can get sone confort from the site.

  GBear Xxxx 

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Thank you GBear - I can feel that bear hug

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And the article is brilliant, almost perfectly describes how I am feeling.

Thank you again - you have made my world a better place today