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My mom was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer which has spread in lung, liver and bone.

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We are in shock and don't know what to do and how to cope with that.

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Hi and welcome to the community though sorry to hear about your mum, your reaction is perfectly normal and well done for reaching out for some support - I certainly took longer, but my wife's cancer is different so cannot share too much experience in that line.

You might like to look at some of the conversations over in our Breast, secondary cancer and perhaps start a conversation there about how your mum is at the moment and how long ago she was diagnosed - there will be people there who may help you understand what happens in your mum;s treatment.

Turning to you and the rest of your family it might help to look at our Family and friends where there will be people in a very similar situation to you.

The period just after a diagnosis is really hard and the more information you can get generally the better you  might also like to look at the pages on secondary breast cancer that might help to give some idea of what might happen next.