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Hospital letter

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Hi, my husband saw his GP and was put on the two week referral to have an endoscopy with 4 biopsies. A cancellation came up 2 days later (8th August) and he had the procedure. On 10th August a letter arrived dated 9th August asking him to attend outpatient department on 13th August, the letter says he can bring someone with him. He thought the nurse had said the biopsy results could take up to 4 weeks but he’d had sedation so wasn’t 100% sure. He thinks they said they hadn’t seen anything abnormal too. They prescribed lansoprazole for acid reflux for the short term so why rush to get him back???

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Hi stressedandworried welcome to the forum.

Im wondering if its worth giving them as call in the am to check this out as it may be because your hubby got a  cancellation maybe the letters have crossed in the post. It would be worth calling them rather then trailing up there is this is what has happened. I agree with you that results would not normally be back so quickly thats why Im wondering if the second letter is a crossover.

Sending very nest wishes for now. xxxx