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My Daughter's Diagnosis

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We have had the devastating news that our daughter(27 years old) has a brain tumour(lesion)

She had back pain, headaches and double vision so sought medical advice and was sent to A&E.

After several visits(each time being told she had a migraine)they found she had Hydrocephalus.

Further investigations have found a tumour at the very centre of the brain where surgery isn't an option.

Following surgery to relieve the pressure she underwent further surgery to do a biopsy which is where we are up to now.

So, the wait begins before we find out the steps.

This is why I have joined the forum, to expand my non-existent knowledge on the subject, to hopefully gain some confidence in the future and to get rid of this awful feeling that I've let her down, failed in my job as a parent to protect her....GUILT!!!

I know this is irrational and of no use to my daughter as we need to feel positive about her coming through this with help from her family.

Any advice will be gratefully recieved.


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Hi and welcome to he community at this difficult time for you and your family. Really sorry to hear about your daughter. Please do not reproach yourself for your daughter's condition. Cancer does not discriminate and can be completely random. Sometimes there are just no answers as to why. Could I point you the Brain Group where you should find others with experience of this and may be able to offer advice. Click the link to get to the group and post your concerns there. I hope all goes well. Best wishes.

Best wishes to All,   rily.  What is a Community Champion ?