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Why when you are small,

You bring so much trouble

You come into so many lives

And then burst their bubble.

You cause havoc and destruction wherever you go,

sometimes you don’t even have the decency to show

You creep around, 

like a thief in the night

and grab a hold

with all your might

you even have the nerve

to move around

to creep and spread 

without making a sound.

some say you smell

But you don’t care 

you move around bodies

Like they are laid there bare.

You don’t even care if they are young or old

 Or if anyone is there for them to hold

for when the doctors give them that word

that we don’t quite comprehend,

You still move around

with the stealth that you found.

But things are changing

You are becoming old news

It is not only you 

That says 

I can choose

we can be stronger

and live another day

and hope they find a cure

for this Cancer to go away!

For those struggling with cancer let’s fight and be strong!!

For those who don’t have cancer, don’t encourage it.

WE HAVE ONE LIFE THIS IS NOT A PRACTICE, let’s make the most of it, or try to with what we have left.