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I've known about this community chat for a while now. But only decided to join today as I'm struggling a bit. I picked this room because I'm in such a hurry to get to life after cancer I thought there might be some ideas on how to get there faster. If only it was that simple. Confused  I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer which has been surgically removed, no lymphnode involvement and all is generally well. Chemo is finished (6sessions) so just waiting on radiation dates. But dam I feel weak as water!! Causing low mood and mood swings. Any ideas on improving the weakness in my body can hardly make it up the stairs and if I do too much I feel so overwhelmed I think I'm taking a heart attack!! Absolutely debilitating. 

  • Hi  sorry to hear about the journey you are on and I can understand your frustration with how slow things are going but your body can only go as fast as the recovery allows.

    In reality you are still ‘in’ treatment as your body is still recovering from your chemo and you have still to go through your radiotherapy…… until this is all done and you have had time post radiotherapy…… (the after effects of radiotherapy does go on for a while)….. you can seriously look at rebuilding.

    Fatuge can be debilitating but at the same time the less you do the longer the fatigue will last so setting simple little goals each day is good. Ensure you are getting up, having a shower and getting dressed…… this all helps the fatigue…… but rest when you hear the body say rest….. but I always set an alarm for say  an hour…… the reason I did this was to ensure that I did not interrupt my sleep at night.

    As I said you are still on your treatment journey so do also think about joining our dedicated Breast cancer support group where you will connect with many people who are navigating this part of the journey.

    Always around to chat.


    Mike (Thehighlander)

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