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Did anyone find it difficult to find out if their tumour was shrinking?

When I eventually found out that mine had got smaller - I felt such a relief!!

But I did feel that if I had been told sooner, I would have had more confidence in the staff

Has anyone felt the same about being more confident / not about their staff?

  • Hi again  safe to say that each type of cancer can be different when it comes to identifying treatment progression.

    My main brick sized mass was in my neck so ‘very’ visible….. so it was obvious that the treatment was working. But witch blood cancers like Lymphoma it is normal to have a mid treatment scan to see how things were going….. these scans often provided positive but also negative information so there was a balance as to what effect the results would have on the patients mind frame going through treatments.

    ……. the effects of over scanning has also to be balanced.

    I have to say that a few of my clinical team were very obnoxious but they did know their stuff and the fact I am here to day overrides any the negative experiences ai have had.

    Mike (Thehighlander)

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